Granola Croutons


by Suzanne Virgilio I don’t know about you, but I LOVE salads. Salads are the opening number to a dinner that introduces the season to be celebrated. I suppose one reason salads are so popular is that it allows us to eat something delicious and nutritious. What could be better? When it comes to making […]

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Honey Pecan Sticky Buns

finished product #9

Recipe By Suzanne Virgilio During the years when our bakery was open for retail, our sticky buns were always one of the most-demanded pastries by our customers. Though our customers loved them, making sticky buns is very labor intensive. Because of the long baking process, sticky buns were offered once a month at the bakery, and they would always sell […]

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Granola Swirl Scones

By Suzanne Virgilio Okay Granola Factory followers–those of you who have stayed at our B&B or perhaps visited our retail store when it was in operation are most likely familiar with our scones. Though this is not THE scone recipe (saving that one for the cookbook someday), these are fabulous! I came upon this recipe […]

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