The Granola Factory Holiday Gift Guide

One of our favorite things to browse during the holiday season is the numerous gift guides posted by our favorite food magazines.  We especially liked reading Saveur’s online holiday gift guide. They’ve got some great recommendations this year 😉

So, in light of this gift guide trend, we decided to gather some of our favorite food-related items that we enjoy giving to friends and family during the holidays.  Here is a list of our top 10 holiday gift ideas from “Yours Truly.”


1. Chemex Coffee Maker:  “I am a man of routine, and my morning doesn’t start until I’ve made coffee.  When I am home on weekends, I use a Chemex coffee maker.  It’s a simple design, made of glass and fastened with a wooden collar.  But don’t let simplicity fool you.  The coffee is flavorful, balanced, and not bitter.” –Cal Virgilio, Vice President of Bakery Operations

Chemex Coffee Maker, $37.50-$110.90 from


2. Georgina Ornate Chalkboard: “I love my framed chalkboard piece. I have used it for so many occasions: counting down the days to my wedding, “remember to buy” grocery lists, and most recently, I have used it to display holiday dinner menus. Such a fun and attractive piece to add to your kitchen!” –Dea Castrejon, Artisan Baker

Georgina Ornate Chalkboard, $39.99 from


3. Frasier Fir Candle: “A Christmas Tree in a candle…simply amazing! I know that you may be thinking, ‘What am I going to do with another candle?’ But, the Frasier Fir candle possesses some sort of distinct “pay it forward” quality; every time I give this as a gift to a friend, they enjoy it so much that they also give it as a gift in the future.” –Suzanne Virgilio, Granola Factory Co-founder

Frasier Fir Candle, $28.00 from


4. Montana Acacia and Glass Jars: “These jars are the most fashionable way for me to organize my kitchen.  They are amazing!  You can fill them with almost anything, but they are great for storing holiday baking ingredients like flour, sugars, oats,chocolate chips…all the goodies!” –Dea Castrejon, Artisan Baker

Montana Acacia and Glass Jars, $16.95-19.95 from


5. Pasta’s Daily Spicy Hot Tomato Oil: “On a visit to Syracuse this past fall, I had dinner at Pastabilities, a lively and innovative restaurant in the heart of downtown.  The food was great, but the highlight of the meal was the bread and spicy tomato oil that was served with it.  The tomato oil could also be added to seafood dishes, topped on homemade pizza, or used as a dipping oil for bread.” –Cal Virgilio, Vice President of Bakery Operations


Pasta’s Daily Spicy Hot Tomato Oil, $13.98 for a 2-pack,

 6. The Christmas Pickle: The Christmas pickle is a German Christmas tradition brought to Bethlehem by German immigrants. It is a tradition our family has enjoyed for at least a decade. In our family, the glass pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Our kids would then compete in a search to find the pickle. The one who finds the pickle then gets to open a special gift that night. Though it can be an individual gift, we would always buy a new Christmas movie as the winning prize, thus giving us a new movie to enjoy as a family on Christmas Eve.  -Suzanne Virgilio, GF Co-Founder

Christmas Pickle

The Christmas Pickle, Available at The Moravian Book Shop, $5.99,


7. In Search of The Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker’s Odyssey by Samuel Fromartz: “My favorite food book of the year.  It is a memoir combined with recipes for how to make bread at home, along with the natural sourdough starter that you will use for yeast.  The recipes are well-written, and Fromartz provides the science behind bread baking that will get you hooked on perfecting homemade bread.” –Cal Virgilio, Vice President of Bakery Operations

loaf book

In Search of The Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker’s Odyssey, $18.96 from


8. Season’s Olive Oils & Vinegars: This olive oil and vinegar taproom is a locally inspired gift option right in the heart of Bethlehem, PA.  Season’s carries ultra-versatile specialty olive oils and vinegars that can be used for salad dressings, condiments, marinades, dessert toppings, and so much more! Ughhh, there are so many options, but my favorite pairing and also my go-to salad dressing is the Chipotle Olive Oil mixed with the Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Vinegar. Sooo good and the perfect addition to adding health into your holidays! –Dea Castrejon, Artisan Baker


Season’s Specialty Olive Oils & Vinegars, starting at 12.95 from


9. Eklectik Green’s Serving Tray: “I received one of these trays as a gift from my best friend last year, and I use it every single day! Breakfast in bed, serving platter for appetizers, hot cocoa and cookies on the couch…yes, every. single. day! Eklectik Green allows you to choose the size and color wash of your serving tray, and they are just wonderful people to do business with! –Dea Castrejon, Artisan Baker

eklectik green

Eklectik Green Serving Tray, $33.00-38.00 from


10. Cookie Tins: “As a baker, I am always excited to be able to use my trade in a way that I can give to others. With family and friends near and far, I can whip up some of my favorite cookies, put them in a pretty holiday tin, and send it as a gift across the country.” -Jess Keyser, Artisan Baker

Side note: if you are looking for a quick solution for holiday gift tins, order our delicious and decadent Bethlehem Bar tins. Come on, did you think we could resist giving this as a suggestion?!

Bethlehem Bar Holiday Gift Tins, $46.95-59.95 from

We hope y’all have found our list helpful and fun!  Happy Holidays from the Granola Factory Baking Team!



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