Our Ingredients: Pecans

Pecan Trees Pecans are a tree nut member of the hickory family and have a rich, buttery flavor. They are native to North America & Mexico and are one of the few major tree nuts that grow naturally in North America. Once collected, the shell of each pecan is removed. This shelling process reduces a pecans weight by about half.

Pecan StagesAt The Granola Factory, we use roasted pecans that are locally roasted by Queens Nutritional Products in Allentown, Pa. For our granola, we use pecans in two flavors: All-Natural Honey Pecan and Organic Grains & Honey. In our All-Natural Honey Pecan granola, we use chopped, roasted, salted pecans. This results in bigger pecan chunks throughout. For our Organic Grains & Honey granola, we use unsalted pecan pieces, giving it a less salty taste and smaller pecans in each bite. The buttery taste of pecans pairs perfectly with the buttery flavor of our granola.

pecan-heartPecans have many health benefits and contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals. They are high in healthy fats and help to lower cholesterol. The fiber found in pecans promotes digestive health and the natural antioxidants pecans have play a role in heart health and disease prevention. Another benefit of eating pecans is that they contain phosphorous, which is important for healthy bones and teeth.



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