Our Ingredients: Butter

sommer-maidButter is an all-natural dairy byproduct from cows. It is one of the oldest and most natural foods that has been a part of our diets for thousands of years. Butter is the cream of fresh whole milk and must be at least 80% milk fat, while the remaining 20% consists of water and milk solids. Butter is rich in vitamins A, D, E, B12, and K2.

country-maid-butterButter is made by separating the milk’s fat (butter cream) from the liquid. The butter cream is aged and pasteurized for 24 hours, before being churned. The churning stage is when the butter will be separated from any excess liquid (buttermilk) and then the salt is added. After churning for a little over an hour, the butter is ready to be shaped and packaged. The butter we use at The Granola Factory is Country Maid Salted Butter which comes from Sommer Maid Creamery. Sommer Maid is a family owned and operated, local creamery located in Doylestown, PA.

butter-heartButter is better than processed oils. Many granola brands use canola oil which is lower in fat, but the process to make canola oil is a highly mechanized process that includes the use of chemicals. This process involves industrial steaming, de-waxing, bleaching, and deodorizing the oil. Although butter is also made with machines, it is made pretty much the way it’s always been, which is taking cream, churning it, and adding salt. At The Granola Factory, we use butter for the one of a kind flavor it offers our granola. Also, the mouth-feel achieved with butter cannot be matched when using oils.


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