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When you work in a food business, be it a restaurant, grocery market, or in our case, a bakery, your life revolves around food. Each day at The Granola Factory, we bake granola, Bethlehem Bars and many other delicious treats for our loyal customers. And our enjoyment of being around food doesn’t stop when we leave the bakery. My family and our team of artisan bakers are always doing something food related. Whether it’s baking a batch of cookies, entertaining for guests, reading the latest Bon Appetit or just enjoying a scone at our favorite coffee shop, we at The Granola Factory live to eat.

In creating the  Oats n’ Notes blog, we hope to instill this “live to eat” mindset in our readers. Making delicious food for others is what we do for a living, and we plan on sharing our favorite recipes, entertaining tips and a glimpse into how fun a live to eat lifestyle can be. So please, take a look around our blog. We hope you’ll get taste of the enjoyment that comes from living a life of food.

Cal Virgilio



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  1. I was just talking with Bob. I pretty much freaked out when he said he was from the Granola Factory. I love your granola! I eat it with coffee due to not eating dairy. Some people think it is weird, I’m telling you, a strong coffee over the honey pecan – Merry Christmas to me! I’m thinking about trying the granola on top of a sweet potato pie or as a crust for a cheesecake. Thank you for making a great product, keep up the good work!

  2. I love love love your all original pecan granola. Iwouldlove to make a bar with that but I am not sure how to do this……my husband golfs and my son is on the run most of the day and a healthy bar for both of them would be great. I keep telling them not to eat any health bars that are manufactured and packages. I thought this would be an answer to my healthier version for them. Any ideas…..

    • Christine–
      Thank you for your comment and we are thrilled to hear you love our granola. I will share your feedback with our baking team. Regarding the using our granola to make a granola bar, have you seen this recipe on our blog? I haven’t tried it with our honey pecan granola but I would think it would be just as good.

      These bars are better and stay firmer when refrigerated, but they should be ok at room temperature for a few hours.

      Let me know how the turn out if you end up trying the recipe!


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